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The good and bad news about chocolate.

First the good news. A recent report in the British Medical Journal found that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, may help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  Five different studies saw a positive link between higher consumption of chocolate and … Continue reading

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Two Revolutions, Two Revolutionaries, Same Birthday.

Both Thomas Jefferson and Guy Fawkes were born on April 13, Jefferson in 1743, Fawkes in 1570. Both participated in rebellions against an English King, but there the similarities ended. Only Jefferson was successful. Interesting, the little coincidences of history.

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Guest Political Commentary by the Right Honorable Loki Beaker Addacat, Esq.

Loki was asked to comment on Obama’s appeasement of the right concerning budget cuts. Mr. Addacat, you have the floor. All opinions expressed herein are strictly Loki Beaker Addacat’s, and do not express the opinions or attitudes of the management. … Continue reading

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April 9, 1898- the birth of Paul Robeson

Today marks the birthday of a truly remarkable American. Paul Robeson was a star athlete, a singer, an actor and an early advocate of civil rights. Famous internationally, he is little known in the U. S. because of blacklisting over … Continue reading

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Damn, I wish I’d written that!

Every so often a blog post comes along that makes you say just that. Here’s one: Glenn W. Smith explains Fuddism.

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No more political comments for me!

First, I’m too old and tired. Second, politics has become as predictable as pro wrestling. Third, I’m taking a page from the playbook of our Politi-corporate overlords, and privatizing this part of my blog. From now on all political posts … Continue reading

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Happy Bacchanalia!

Today is the first day of the Baccanalia, an annual festival consisting of two days of drunken orgies in ancient Rome. Or such was the popular conception. The cult of Dionysus (or Bacchus) was in reality as much of an … Continue reading

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