A Birthday Post For A Very Dear Friend

Today, June 8, is the birthday of a very dear old friend of mine. Actually, she’s younger than me, so I never thought of her that way, at least not until Pope Gregory XIII came along with his bloody calendar and everybody started keeping track. Anyway, since I’m as poor as a church mouse (Never understood that, really. Why should church mice be considered any poorer than, say, library mice or post office mice?) I thought of doing a post to commemorate the occasion. It’s unusual, it’s personal, and, best of all, it’s cheap. We’ll call her ‘D’, since I don’t know if Dianne would appreciate my using her full first name.

D is a wonderful friend (mind you, she drives her significant other mad) so I thought I’d see what other wonderful things might have happened on June 8. For one thing, she shares that birth date with no less than two first ladies- Ida McKinley and Barbara Bush.

Ida McKinley

Barbara Bush

Perhaps not prime examples of political pulchritude, but hey, all that counts is that they share the date.

Demigod and Uber-architect Frank Lloyd Wright also shares the honors, lending credence to the proposition that D is built like a brick house.

A brick house

Frank Lloyd Wright

Also reflecting her creative side, Alexis Smith, Jerry Stiller, James Darren, Joan Rivers and Nancy Sinatra were born on June 8 of one year or another. But there were also tennis players (Nadia Petrovna), baseball players (Pete Orr) and hockey players (Bryan McCabe). There were at least two Japanese voice actors born on that day, as well as a South Korean rapper and several killers. Make of it what you will.

Chopin’s second greatest accomplishment

On the down side, the eighth of June also saw the death of Chopin’s second greatest accomplishment (after his music)- his paramour, George Sand. I am not in any way demeaning George Sand- the accomplishment was in maintaining the affair. It wasn’t easy.

Also on the darker side of June 8 was the raid on Lindisfarne

A Viking

Abbey by the Vikings in the year 793, beginning the Scandinavian invasion of England. A nasty bit of work, that. I can’t blame D though. I’m pretty sure she was elsewhere at the time.

At any rate my friend, forgive this poor piece of twaddle that must do as a birthday gift. I hope you have a happy birthday, with as many more to come as have passed. At Least.

p.s.  Forgive the terrible layout. I can’t seem to get WordPress to do anything I want it to, tonight.

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2 Responses to A Birthday Post For A Very Dear Friend

  1. Dianne says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart…… this was wonderful!!!! and I do hope that you don’t mind…. I shared it. ( could have done without the down side …lololol) I would rather this than any expensive give one had to offer! Thank you!

    • mac1949 says:

      I sorta, kinda hadda do the down side. I mean, come on- a post with Ida McKinley, George Sand and a viking all in one? That’s bang for your buck! And speaking of bang for your buck, I was going to include the fact that your birthday marks the anniversary of a U. S. attempt at rocket mail. Yes, just how it sounds. You put the mail in a rocket and shoot the rocket toward the mail destination. It apparently was feasible, too, because the only excuse given for discontinuing it was that it wasn’t cost effective! Sorry I couldn’t include it, but as I noted WordPress was giving me fits last night. Hope you had a good one.

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