April 15, 1912- RMS Titanic Sinks.

RMS Titanic

At 2:20 am. With her went one barrel of earth (probably, but not certainly, fuller’s earth), 88 cases of books, 35 bundles of rough wood (!?), hundreds of cheeses and 1501 lives. Or 1490, 1502, 1517, or any number within reason. The truth is that no one knows for sure, and probably never will. There are cases of crew who were supposed to be aboard, but weren’t, later turning up alive. There are likely cases of crew who weren’t supposed to be on board but were (it occasionally occurred that, for various reasons, sailors or stokers would sign on with stolen or “borrowed” names). There were likely last minute additions to both crew and passengers that may not have made it onto the official manifest. There were almost certainly stowaways. At any rate, the actual number will probably never be known, but is likely over 1500.

There were also a number of animals aboard, in the main dogs and cats. I know of at least one small dog whose owner carried it into the lifeboat with her. The others presumably went down with the ship, with the exception of one prescient ship’s cat. Reports from the crew indicate she had kittens just before departure time and removed the kittens and herself from the ship. I wonder if there are any cats in Southampton descended from her? It’s possible.

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