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Time for a comedy break: One Leg Too Few

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, because it’s Dudley Moore’s birthday, April 19. I find it fascinating that, after the numerous times they’ve done this routine, Dudley Moore still cracks up in a couple of spots. Advertisements

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Worse Than Monopoly!

Today is the 30th anniversary of history’s longest pro baseball game– a little contest between my (then) hometown team, the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox. It lasted for almost eight and a half hours and had 32 … Continue reading

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Just Possibly The Deadliest Man In History.

Stalin? Hitler? Attila the Hun? No, Thomas Midgley, Jr.. This kindly, grandfatherly looking gentleman was an inventor and chemist who was granted over a hundred patents and received numerous awards for scientific accomplishments during his lifetime. But this was before … Continue reading

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April 15, 1912- RMS Titanic Sinks.

At 2:20 am. With her went one barrel of earth (probably, but not certainly, fuller’s earth), 88 cases of books, 35 bundles of rough wood (!?), hundreds of cheeses and 1501 lives. Or 1490, 1502, 1517, or any number within … Continue reading

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April 14, 1912- RMS Titanic Strikes An Iceberg.

At 11:40 ship’s time, to be precise. The following morning at 2:20 a. m., she was gone. One of the heroes of that night was Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller, in charge of the lifeboats on the port side, and … Continue reading

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The Unknown National Hero

On Easter Sunday, April 14, 1816, slaves in Barbados revolted, led by an African born Igbo slave named Bussa. Literally nothing is known about Bussa prior to his becoming a slave and very little is known about him after that … Continue reading

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Two Revolutions, Two Revolutionaries, Same Birthday.

Both Thomas Jefferson and Guy Fawkes were born on April 13, Jefferson in 1743, Fawkes in 1570. Both participated in rebellions against an English King, but there the similarities ended. Only Jefferson was successful. Interesting, the little coincidences of history.

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