Where are the anti-war songs of today?

I guess we’ll just have to borrow one from the 60’s. I always get a chill when the muted trumpet comes in.

The Association – Requiem for the Masses

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8 Responses to Where are the anti-war songs of today?

  1. Robert says:

    A good anti-war song that is relatively new is called “Fallujah” by the Terry Sutton Conspiracy. You could hear it on Napster .

  2. Thanks for posting my song on here. The video for Fallujah can be seen here.

    • mac1949 says:

      You’re very welcome. I was very taken with your song. You have a lot of talent and so few people are doing anything like this nowadays.

  3. blackbeardbr160 says:

    i asked the same question myself before a few month – then i met a soldier boy at a bar – this occasion motivated me to write an anti war song !
    check it out:

    • mac1949 says:

      Wow! Outstanding! I had no idea when I asked where the anti-war songs of today were, that I’d get replies from so many talented people. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to this earlier, but life intervened. Keep up the great work.

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