Carjacked after death- George Tobias

George Tobias in "Sergeant York"

Anyone who has seen many war movies knows who George Tobias was, though he will probably be best remembered (unfortunately) as Mr. Kravitz on Bewitched. A professional, all-round character actor, he was fully capable of handling dramatic roles as well as comedy relief, appearing in movies like Sergeant York, Passage To Marseilles and the little known (but one of my favorites) Between Two Worlds.

George Tobias died of bladder cancer on February 27, 1980. His career, however, didn’t. His next role was that of “carjacking victim”. On the way to the mausoleum the driver of the hearse stopped to talk to someone, unthinkingly leaving the keys in the ignition. When he returned it was gone. The thieves only got a few blocks, though, before discovering their extra passenger in the back and abandoning the vehicle. He also served a postmortem stint as host for an inebriated George Jessel. The complete story is here.

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