Wow! What a way to start the new year!

Not only have I started a brand new blog (infinitely superior to the old one) but I was contacted by the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry among Executives and Professionals (via an e-mail ad through the very nice people at 123Greetings). They said “You were recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent your profession…We are pleased to inform you that on 01/03/2011, your candidacy was approved. The Director believes that you may make a valuable addition to the Registry given your professional background and accomplishments”.

It’s awfully kind of them to consider me valuable (especially the Director, no less), particularly since my professional background and accomplishments are limited to my experiences as a disabled unemployed peon. They say that these big business types are self-absorbed and hate the poor, but to take the time to reach out to me, a person without a job, let alone a profession…that shows heart!

I do have a problem, though.  I can list my profession as ‘Useless Eater’ or maybe ‘Drug On Society’, yes, but what can I possibly list as my accomplishments?  I was able to breathe sufficiently to take out the garbage today, but somehow I suspect they’re looking for more than that, and I don’t want to disappoint.  I drove for the first time in a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t  seem like much either. Perhaps I could list ‘Master of Snark’. Or maybe I worry too much. After all, these fine folk have already approved my candidacy.

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One Response to Wow! What a way to start the new year!

  1. cyrakitty says:

    How about “minion” or “Amanda’s slave who cooks, cleans, drives, and puts heat patches on her back”? Just a few suggestions.

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